The Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History (OCMCH)

Promoting historic links between Oxford Brookes University and the Methodist Church through archives, artworks, publications and research.

Archives & Library


‘Archives & Research’

Launched in 2019, ‘Archives & Research’ provides thematic, introductory information about the Centre’s rich collections of archives, artworks, and printed works to support diverse areas of research.

No. 1, ‘Westminster at War’

No. 2, ‘Scouting at Westminster College’

No. 3, ‘Westminster College: Transition to Oxford’


Wesley Historical Society Library

The Wesley Historical Society Library is the second most significant collection of Methodist published works in Britain.

–  Published material on British Methodism

–  Serials of Methodist history and interest groups

–  Historic circuit plans

–  Archives, images, and manuscripts

The collection can be explored through the Oxford Brookes University online catalogue, which also covers libraries in Bath and Bristol;

WHS Library Catalogue


OCMCH Archives

The OCMCH’s archival collections are a resource of global standing for research into Methodism and aspects of religion in Britain from 1700.

–  Avec Consultancy

–  Westminster and Bletchley Park / Land Spencer Churchill Colleges

–  Records of Anglican-Methodist Union

–  Papers of leading twentieth-century Methodists (Francis Bartels, Donald English, Bill Gowland, Colin Morris, W. R. ‘Reg’ Ward)

Catalogues and hand-lists

Anglican-Methodist Union Collection (DAMUC)

Avec Consultancy

Dr Francis Bartels papers

Bletchley Park and Lady Spencer Churchill College (BP/LSC)

Rev Dr Donald English papers (DEP)

Rev William ‘Bill’ Gowland papers (WGP)

Rev Dr Colin Morris papers

Oxford Institute for Methodist Theological Studies

Professor R. W. ‘Reg’ Ward papers

Westminster College

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