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James Smetham Bicentenary, 2021

Smetham, James, 1821-1889; Self Portrait

James Smetham (1821-1889)

Artist, Poet, Teacher

(pre-Raphaelite circle)

2021 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of James Smetham. To commemorate this the OCMCH will launch a 3-5 year programme will centre on three themes which were critical to Smetham’s life; art, religion, and mental well-being.

The programme aims to include

 –  A survey of Smetham’s known surviving work

–  A travelling exhibition of his paintings, etchings and ‘squarings’, aimed particularly at churches and schools

–  Accompanying educational programme linking the three core themes

–  Therapeutic workshop use or displays for the promotion of mental well-being

–  Online resources including a catalogue and study programme

More introductory information is available here


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